26th June 2017

The name doesn't lie: The Museum of London is a museum showcasing all things London, providing a history of the city from its very beginnings to the current day. Londoners can learn about the background of their home city, and tourists can marvel at the history of one of the most iconic places on Earth.

And, as well as educating the community on the fascinating eras such as Roman London, Medieval London and the Civil War, the museum is also a charming space in which to host your event.

It's for this reason – and many more – that Museum of London is our Unique Venue of the Month.

So it's no surprise that the Museum of London is a popular choice for summer parties, for companies of all types and sizes. The Terrace Gallery, in particular, is an idyllic setting, as guests will see it transformed into a Secret Garden filled with lush greenery, sure to evoke summer vibes – even if the English rain is still persisting outside.

On the other hand, if the sun is gloriously shining, it's all the better, as the Terrace Rooms are twinned with the private patio and gardens, meaning summer soirées can spill out onto the lawn. To add to the summer spirit, there are options to make a picnic spread or barbecue the centre of the party, meaning hampers on the patio teeming with delectable platters.

Whatever the weather, catering can be arranged with a number of professional companies based on your tastes, and in various styles, from buffet and bowl food, to canapés, to banquets and fine dining. And to introduce the museum's cultural offerings into your event, you can even place artefacts on your dining table, to be passed round to guests if they so wish to immerse themselves into history.

It also can't be overstated enough how convenient the location is, with its equidistance from St Paul's and Barbican stations, and its situation on the historic London Wall.

Up to 120 guests can be accommodated in the Terrace Rooms – but bigger crowds are equally welcome for their summer gatherings. Sackler Hall holds up to 600 for receptions – and up to 1,000 if combined with The Entrance Hall and gallery spaces. The Entrance Hall, in fact, is a wonderful space for a cocktail reception before guests are ushered into the grand Sackler Hall for the main event.

Whatever the style, capacity and date you have in mind for your company's summer party, you'll be sure to give your guests a slice of history along with summer rays and revelling at The Museum of London. Whatever the case, one thing that's always true is that the venue is extremely flexible, allowing events to take their own shapes and characters.

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