In our experience, meetings are like marmite - you either love them or you hate them. But it doesn't have to be this way! With London's rich past comes a wide range of meeting rooms with histories intriguing enough to have everybody ooh-ing and ah-ing (even the haters!).

Check out our top 5 historic meeting room venues in London.

1. The Royal Horseguard's Hotel and One Whitehall Place


The Royal Horseguard's Hotel and One Whitehall Place

This Grade I listed building was built in 1884, so suffice to say it has plenty of history packed into its walls. It was used as a headquarters by the MI5 and MI6, it housed the American Embassy and Air Training Corps in the Second World War and it's even home to secret tunnels used by Winston Churchill!

As if that wasn't enough reason to hold your meeting at the Royal Horseguard's Hotel and One Whitehall Place, it also functions as a 5-star hotel and boasts unbeatable views of the Thames. Book its Terrace Room for a relaxed but luxurious meeting of up to 22 people, with plenty to talk about.

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2. Ennismore Sessions House


Ennismore Sessions House

If hosting your meeting in a building inspired by the Roman Pantheon takes your fancy, Ennismore Sessions House is for you. Built in 1779, this Grade II listed building was originally a public courthouse - the very one that Oliver Twist is taken to in Dickens' novel!

The venue's four rooms, ranging in capacity from 14 to 28, all boast high ceilings, grand windows and stripped-back walls, giving the place a bohemian feel that sparks creativity and inspiration (something all good meetings need!).

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3. Lord's Cricket Ground

St John's Wood

The Long Room at Lord's Cricket Ground

The Long Room at Lord's Cricket Ground is steeped in sporting history and continues to make history today. A recognised sight around the world, this is the room that international cricket players walk through to get on and off the cricket ground.

Lined with portraits of famous cricket figures from the 18th to the 21st centuries, The Long Room boasts ornate ceilings, large windows and unbeatable views. This really is a wow-worthy meeting room for cricket fans and non-cricket-fans alike!

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4. Andaz London Liverpool Street

Liverpool Street

The Masonic Temple at Andaz

This Greek Masonic Temple at Andaz Liverpool Street has got to be one of London's best-kept secrets. And in fact, it was a secret for many years, until the building's current owners discovered it boarded up behind a fake wall!

Still the home to many a masonic meeting, this stunning venue built in 1912 is guaranteed to bring some serious kudos to your next meeting. Surrounded by Grade II listed Italian marble and a striking zodiac sign on the ceiling, this isn't a meeting anyone will forget in a hurry.

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5. The Brewery


The Brewery

You'd be hard-pressed to find a building with a more gripping history than The Brewery. This Grade II listed, 18th Century brewery rose to fame for producing a dark beer called porter, but it's also had some rather gruesome deaths to contend with.

First, the founder's son cut his throat 'from ear to ear'. Then, the man responsible for saving the brewery from financial ruin was discovered dead in a yeast trough! One for those slighly larger meetings, check out the James Watt Room if you're after historical features and a really strong talking point (with the lure of wine brewed in the very same building!).

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