31st December 2013

Crazy costumes, pumpkins and excessive revelry – yep, you guessed it: it’s Halloween time. If you’re like us and enjoy keeping all the chocolate to yourself, you’ll want to be out and about when the kids coming knocking this year. We’ve got plenty of fantastic venues on our books but James Roche has overcome his fear of all things ghoulish to bring us London's Top Three Spooky Halloween Venues!

The Asylum

Button The Asylum

When visiting any place known as "The Asylum", you shouldn't expect to see too many teddy bears or fairy princesses doing the rounds. The creaking walls of this venue, distressed and eroded by the years, certainly tell a tale that no historian could ever hope to emulate. Visits after dark can be arranged but we'd like to have Batman with us just to be safe. That's not to suggest that this grade 2 listed building doesn't possess its own unique sense of charm and beauty.

An eerily attractive and atmospheric space, the Asylum is blessed with wonderful, natural acoustics and serves as a fantastic location for film, photography. weddings and events. You've gone to all that trouble preparing a costume so you might as well have some fantastic snaps to honour the occasion!

Located opposite the main Olympic Stadium on the River Lea, Stour Space is a popular public exhibition and meeting space but it's not just because of the wonderful views on offer.

The Vaults

Button The Vaults

I don't know about you but the picture accompanying this unusual venue scares the absolute hell out of me.

Set deep below the arches at Waterloo Station, The Vaults are, as our newsletter rightfully pointed out, a lost commuter's worst nightmare. One wrong turn and who knows where you might end up?

If you do happen to stay on the right path, then you will find one of London's coolest spaces amongst the eight arches of The Vaults. Capable of hosting live music, large events, private dining, art installations, photography, performances, receptions and rehearsals, you will be hard pressed finding a more hip, versatile events space in such a cool but spooky location.

London's newest event space, The Vaults is an absolute must-see....that is, if you dare!

Dennis Severs House

Button Dennis Severs House

I knew a kid named Dennis Severs once upon a time. He had red hair, freckles and use to eat his mother's lipstick. A visit to his place was perhaps a little spooky, but nothing like this venue.

The "real" Dennis Severs' house provides a dramatic, yet inspirational setting for filming and photographic shoots. Created by the late Dennis Severs, the house creates a “still-life drama” around the lives of a family of Huguenot silk weavers named Jervis who lived there in the 18th century. Some say you can still hear the voices of the Jervis family and apparently, their topics of conversation aren't always related to silk weaving! Scary stuff!

Spooked? Scared? Just a little intrigued? Check out Hire Space for more details on these spooky venues!