Tired of hosting your yearly conference at the same old boring venue? If it’s time to switch things up, we’ve got just the place for you. RSA House combines history with social progress, gorgeous architecture and the latest technology. Believe us when we say it’s got all the ingredients you need for an unforgettable conference.

Here are 6 reasons to get creative and hold your next conference at RSA House.

1. Making history

RSA HouseRSA House

The RSA was founded back in 1754, with the first RSA meetings held in coffee houses across London. It was one of the first to promote improvements in girls' education and it even encouraged the reduction of smoke emissions as early as 1770. As if that wasn't enough, Alexander Bell first demonstrated his new invention, the telephone, at RSA House back in 1877!

It’s our belief that no matter what the industry, conferences are all about forward-thinking. And with over 260 years of experience driving change, RSA House has a history of forward-thinking that your conference could be part of.

2. Collaboration and inspiration

RSA HouseThe Prince Philip Room

RSA House is the headquarters of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. The name may be complex, but the cause isn’t - this 30,000-strong fellowship is a global community of problem-solvers united in creating a better future for everyone.

What place could be more fitting for a conference than a building that’s focused on helping people to collaborate to realise change? All you have to do is soak in the atmosphere and we’re sure inspiration will strike!

3. Gorgeous Georgians

The Great Room at RSA HouseThe Great Room

Built in 1774, RSA House features all the best of Georgian architecture. With eight versatile spaces available for hire, accommodating anything from 30 to 220 people, you’ll find everything from high ceilings and large windows to Greek-style pillars and exposed brick vaults.

Perhaps one of the most impressive spaces is The Great Room, which features a domed ceiling and an epic series of paintings by James Barry. This is definitely a breathtaking conference venue your delegates won’t forget in a hurry!

4. Progressive technology

The Durham Street Auditorium at RSA HouseThe Durham Street Auditorium

Georgian buildings may not be known for their modern technologies, but this isn’t just any Georgian building. The RSA is known for being forward-thinking, and its headquarters is no exception.

RSA House offers cutting-edge AV technology in a variety of rooms and even has AV technicians on hand to help. But that’s not all. From full blackout capability, live streaming and surround sound in The Great Room to tiered, cinema-style seating in the Durham House Street Auditorium, RSA House has all the technology you need to make your vision a reality.

5. After party potential

The Vaults at RSA HouseThe Vaults

Your conference is going brilliantly and everyone's having a great time... so why end things there? The Vaults at RSA House make the perfect after party venue, so your delegates can continue to enjoy themselves well into the night.

Originally designed as river-front warehouses, The Vaults are a strong contrast to the splendour of the rooms above, but they're equally as striking. With exposed brickwork and signature arches, this is a party space for 220 that your guests won't forget.

6. Location, location, location

The Benjamin Franklin Room at RSA HouseThe Benjamin Franklin Room

If you ask us, there’s no place better for a national or international conference than the capital of the UK. And as luck would have it, RSA House is located right in the heart of London's West End.

That means it’s at the centre of all things cutting-edge, cultural and political. And even more importantly, it’s easy for delegates to get to whether they’re coming from the other side of London, the other side of the country or even the other side of the world!


Time to let inspiration strike with a conference at RSA House? To find out more, speak with one of our venue experts or make an enquiry below.