18th August 2017

Don’t put up with stuffy conference centres and tiresome company away days, shake up your next company event with these energetic ideas. Rivermead Leisure complex offers amazing facilities, for everything from athletics to drinks receptions. Rivermead is ideally placed as an events venue with easy road access via M4 and M40 and excellent rail links. This venue, easily accessible from London, is the perfect place for your next corporate event so here are some more out there ideas.

1) "Sweatworking"

Sweatworking is a recent innovation in networking event formats, rather than the usual milling around or speed dating style,sweatworking offers a more active approach. Host your next networking session in Rivermead's newly refurbish premium gym. Spin classes are a popular choice, allowing people to get to know each other while they peddle. Releasing endorphins is great for your confidence as and can help improve mental health, combating stress and anxiety while also improving mood and memory.


2) There’s No "I" in Team, But There is an "I" in Intense Workout

It is often said that teams that swim together win together, so why not use Rivermead for your next team away day. Shared physical activity is a great way to keep fit and encourage team cohesion. It promotes camaraderie and is a great antidote to the more sedentary activities of the office. Rivermead offers premium facilities for every sporting pursuit you could want, along side its flexible event space.

team work out

3) A Little Competition

For larger company away days, Rivermead offers a range of premium sporting facilities that you can take advantage of. Inspire a little friendly rivalry between teams with competitions and challenges and make use of the squash courts or the tennis courts for a company ‘Grand Slam’. Host a company sports day; Rivermead’s numerous pitches and sports facilities are ideal venues and guarantee a day that will invigorate the company.

tennis man

4) Bring Everyone Together

Rivermead’s incredible Main Hall offers space for up to 3000 guests. Bring the whole company together for the next company update. The Main Hall is incredibly flexible and has adapted to host everything from theatrical performances to conventions. Rivermead’s facilities provide excellent AV solutions perfect for company updates, Christmas parties and conference events.

Rivermead Main hall

5) Find Your Team’s Hidden Talents

As mentioned, the Main Hall is a perfect place to put on shows, product launches or speaking events. Why not host a company talent show? to bring out those secret skills and hidden talents to make your next event truly memorable. Rivermead offers smaller spaces too, perfect for drinks and receptions afterward.

main hall stage set up

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