You can walk down the streets in Piccadilly, loiter around cafes in Chelsea, or pay entry to all the clubs in Dalston on Harry Styles' birthday, but the best way to bump into a celebrity is by gaining access to one of these ultra-fashionable, celeb-magnet venues.

And now you can. Check it.

1. Beaufort House Chelsea

button at Beaufort House

  • The scene: Chelsea
  • The celebs: The Made In Chelsea cast
  • The chances: 70%

Love them or loathe them, you have to admit you want to meet them. You can test their seductive charms, or tell them off for being chumps. Either way, Beaufort House is where you're going to see them.

And, despite being an exclusive private members club, you can hire out the whole thing through Hire Space.

2. Bafta

button at Bafta

  • The scene: Piccadilly
  • The celebs: Britain's greatest actors
  • The chances: 80%

Loiter outside here long enough and you're bound to come within a selfie's distance of a major celebrity's face. Bafta is a world-famous institution, and an exclusive one at that. But you can gain access to it by hiring it out through Hire Space.

3. The Hurlingham Club

The Hurlingham Club

  • The scene: Putney
  • The celeb: Tamara Ecclestone
  • The chances: 20%

This ultra-exclusive private members club will set you back £1,500 a year - that's if you manage to even get offered a membership (there's a fifteen year waiting list). But you can, of course, hire it out through Hire Space. Get your autograph pads at the ready.

4. Grand Connaught Rooms

Grand Connaught Rooms

  • The scene: Holborn
  • The celeb: David Beckham
  • The chances: 1/365%

The Grand Connaught Rooms has played host to a number of prestigious events, but perhaps none more so than the Annual Fifa Anniversary Party, celebrating the establishment of the football association. David Beckham is merely one among many of the football aristocracy that attend.

5. Empire Leicester Square

Empire Leicester Square

  • The scene: Leicester Square
  • The celebs: Every A-List actor imaginable
  • The chances: 100%

Every weekend brings a new film premier to Leicester Square. It is undoubtedly the best place in the country to spot celebs. But while those tickets may be near-impossible to get your hands on, you, yes you, can hire out Empire Leicester Square through Hire Space. Get the binoculars ready.

To enquire about one of these venues, or any other, get in touch at