11th February 2016

A Jesuit priest by the name of John Gerard was subjected to torture by 'bracelets' three times in the late 1500s in the Tower of London, meaning he was left agonisingly suspended by his wrists. We assure you that if you book your next event at the Tower, this experience won't be included.

The Tower of London is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, with visitors rightly intrigued by its long history, starting in 1066, when William the Conquerer used it as a prime London fortress. Over the centuries, famous figures like Thomas Becket and Geoffrey Chaucer were involved in its development. Today, sightseers browse the towers and torture chambers, say 'hello' to the Yeomen Warders – or Beefeaters – and browse the stunning Crown Jewels, which have been on public display since 2012.

Events of all kinds and sizes are hosted at the expansive venue, which boasts a multitude of beautiful spaces. The various towers are exceptional reception areas, including the White Tower, an legendary space that still holds the armour of Henry VIII and Charles I.

The New Armouries space is a dedicated banqueting suite for up to 240 seated diners – and one that is easily and frequently transformed into a technologically equipped conference space. The adjoining New Armouries Meeting Suite supplies up to 100 congregating professionals with a large space and AV facilities, with a boardroom also on site.

Receptions can even be held in the very home of the Crown Jewels, aptly known as Jewel House.

Many event guests are treated with the opportunity to explore the historical artefacts via private or public viewings. They'll have the chance to browse the collection of gems, diamonds and crowns that make up the Crown Jewels, including the famous Koh-i-nur stone and a crown made up of no less than 2,800 diamonds.

They can tour the prison where Elizabeth I, pre-reign, was imprisoned, where Anne Boleyn and Guy Fawkes were held before their brutal executions, and where many others were subjected to "the rack" and "manacles" as punishment for treason and other crimes against the monarchy.

These days, it's pretty much treason to not hire the Tower for your event. We'll get the rack lined up just in case.

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