1st September 2015

As you sink into their deep leather sofas, sipping on a cocktail with a name like 'Glitteratti', 'Coquette', or 'Blood Lust', the Mayfair bar Noir W1 offers an unexpected and unique feature. In a 21st Century re-imagining of an opium den, it's all down to something called 'Airdiem'.

Located in the heart of Mayfair, Noir W1 is a sleek new late night cocktail spot. Airdiem, the bar's unique feature, is their brand new take on shisha. Filtered through pure water, it's a hi-tech vaporiser that is taking contemporary shisha culture indoors.

This means that you can indulge in sweet and sumptuous flavoured shisha without needing to clamber outside. Instead, you can simply relax inside their warm and rich interior.

But as you can see, this amazing new feature isn't Noir W1's only pull - its bold, stark interior design is entrancing, its location is ideal for parties, and we haven't even got to their cocktails and food yet.

The cocktails are bold and daring creations. 'Blood lust' is a dark, twisted version of the Bloody Mary, infusing smoked vodka with aged beef, tomato juice, lemon and shiitake mushroom. 'Glitteratti' offers edible cinnamon alongside a tea-infused gin, lemon, and egg-white cocktail. Or, if you want a sweet and tangy mix of rum, strawberry, rose water, lime, strawberry, vanilla and candy floss, the 'Coquette' is all yours.

Fancy some bar snacks alongside that cocktail? You can dig into some rich truffled mac n cheese - or some oxtail nuggets and sriracha mayo.

With the private 'Frolic Room' being open till 3am, Noir W1 is already getting some serious interest for Christmas parties. If you want yours to be infused with some spiced re-imaginings of cocktails, shisha culture and tasty nuggets, then you should really enquire here for your Christmas event.