24th December 2013

Now that the UK is officially out of recession, so we're told, we can all go back to happier times when London was a thriving centre of global trade, the beating heart of world commerce.

It shouldn't be too difficult; everywhere you look these days there are vendors competing for revived consumer demand. The mood is positive, and to capture this new-found spending power businesses are on the hunt for innovative ways to market their wares.

One of these methods involves one-off, pop-up promotional spots in stations, shopping centres and other areas of concentrated city footfall. It's something we're seeing more and more of at Hire Space, as proprietors of these spots embrace the website as a new way to market, in turn, to the marketeers.

Shoreditch High Street Station

Button Shoredtich High Street

The make-up of the passing clientele makes Shoreditch High Street attractive for more than just its central location, just east of the City. The area around the station, encompassing the creative hubs of Hoxton and the UK's tech capital of Silicon Roundabout as well as the financial district, is home to hundreds of young, early adopting trend-setters.

Whatever your product, you're likely to find an audience among the steady stream of creative young professionals flocking through the gates, but the location is particularly suitable for businesses in the digital media and fashion industries. For anything novel, progressive or, dare we say, experimental, the audience is ideal - it's no surprise to see how frequently the place is used.

Brent Cross Shopping Centre

Button Brent Cross Shopping Centre

With an high proportion of ABC1 consumers - big spenders, to you and me - Brent Cross offers a range of exceptional pitches for those selling luxury or higher end products. The shopping centre itself is home to many household name brands including M&S and John Lewis, and the site is a prime location for marketing launches and promotional drives.

Pitchers can choose their spot on the upper or lower concourse and position themselves next to brands which compliment their offering - Zara for those selling fashion, for instance, or Mothercare for those pitching parenting paraphernalia. To find the more discerning customer, those who will go big, if at all, there are few better places in London.

Broadgate Estate

Button Broadgate Estate

The Broadgate Estate in the City of London boast impressive stats: 30,000 work within its confines, 150,000 work within a five minute walk, and millions come and go through Liverpool Street station, on the estate's edge, every year.

With that in mind it's no surprise that the area offers promotional opportunities aplenty, and with many cash-rich, time-poor punters spotting opportunities from their investment bank towers up high, there's many a deal to be made. Within the estate there are four primary spaces: the memorable Circle space (you might have visited the popular ice rink in winter); the evergreen Exchange Square; the Finsbury Avenue Square, with its multi-coloured flashing light grid, recently featured on the Apprentice; and the Fulcrum, which, with its Liverpool Street location, captures the highest footfall of all. All four offer great bang for your buck.

So, marketeers, PR folk and salespeople amongst you, if you're looking for somewhere to promote a product, consider all three. There's plenty more promotional space in London on Hire Space, each offering its own advantages and calling cards. And if you still can't find what you're looking for, then just ask.