1st October 2015

I've been to The Proud Archivist a few times. The first was to see Russell Brand, local friend of the venue, who was performing a free-wheeling talk-cum-standup-cum-philosophy lecture. As a venue that supports the arts, this was an apt first impression.

But the most memorable time I went to The Proud Archivist was when I and the Hire Space team went for our Christmas party.

After a good few drinks in the Hire Space HQ, we trundled into The Proud Archivist, fairly merry and definitely hungry. After multiple delicious dishes, a few wayward baubles, and an incredible evening in an atmospheric and intimate enclosure, we were all smitten with the venue.

Our Christmas party was a classic example of what The Proud Archivist do so well: good times within a vibrant and quirky setting.

For starters, the walls literally change colour. Blueish hues give way to washes of pink, with breathtaking manipulations of light. And then there's the multiple levels of industrial-chic design, with stark wooden tables, striped ceilings and rows of shelved books.

The whole space evokes the sense that it could be folded up and packed way - and it's this sense of flexibility and dynamism that gives The Proud Archivist its vibrancy.

And that's without mentioning the fact that it's huddled up next to a gorgeous and tranquil canal, despite being minutes away from Haggerston tube station.

What's more, its gigantic windows open up this exterior waterway to the view of visitors, leaving you to drink up the view while being cosied up indoors.

As an events venue, it's startlingly modern. Drawing in artistic and corporate clients alike, event organisers have 5,000sqft of space to play with. This space is spread across a restaurant, library, events space and mezzanine, offering up all sorts of combination potential.

The venue can be arranged and combined around your needs, whether it be a hack-day, a private dinner, a wedding or a conference.

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