23rd March 2015

When you walk into the epic, vaulted space that is The Ivory Vaults, you're immediately struck by its rich and vibrant history, which stretches over a millennium.


The venue is located at St. Katharine Docks, which was created after 13 acres of land were handed out to 13 Knights by King Edgar (yeah, we hadn't heard of him either).

But now, over a thousand years later, it's a place of decadent medieval feasts, outrageous parties and exciting, forward-thinking events.


The 200-year-old venue is made up of a series of 9 private alcoves, which, together with the central space, can host between 100 and 450 people. Because of its scale and rich history, it hosts extravagant medieval-themed events, perfect for corporate and Christmas parties.


As you can imagine, because of the venue's distinct character and unique layout, a variety of events take place here, from networking meets, workshops, and training sessions, to conferences and team building events.

And, nestled next to Tower Bridge, The Ivory Vaults couldn't be easier to get to.

But what really sets The Ivory Vaults apart is their fantastic production team, which facilitates events that are truly innovative. They can help you to realise a vision that will be worth getting excited about.

To enquire about The Ivory Vaults, get in touch at hirespace.com