22nd January 2015

Have you been to Belgraves?

It's not like most five star hotels. It's not garish, and it's not gaudy. It's neither ostentatious nor attention-seeking. You may even have already passed it, taking in the Belgravian scenery, undistracted by this boutique hotel.

That's because Belgraves is an intimate, discreet, and tasteful hotel. It's where locals pick up proper coffee and homemade cake, and where those in-the-know reside in private luxury.

The designer has imbued Belgraves' interior with warmth and feeling - far from the cold, passionless designs that dominate so many of the capital's hotels.

Its tasteful discretion is epitomised in their New York influenced Cigar Terrace - a beautiful enclosure, completely secluded, as pretty as it is private. And their Penthouse - with a bathtub that has to be seen to be believed - only continues this gorgeous conception of what a five star hotel can be.

button at Belgraves

It was a chilly night when the Hire Space team and a few close friends gathered in this wonderful hotel. Despite its undeniable glamour, we all felt at ease instantly, though that's no surprise with the champagne flowing.

The welcoming Belgraves staff explained the hotel's unforgettable details, such as their extensive cigar and whisky collection, their phenomenally popular chef and their one-of-a-kind Tracy Emin painting, which has pride of place in The Penthouse.

And, just as the scent of succulent chicken began diffusing through the air, the Belgraves staff swooped in with their irresitably delicious canapés, which included pomegranate-topped halloumi, and the old-time favourite, miniature burgers. Every possible sense was stirred and satisfied.

We owe a massive thanks to Belgraves for hosting the Hire Space team, and giving us the opportunity to meet and spend time with some very special guests and clients. We can't wait to go back.

If you're a regular event booker, and would like to attend one of our future events, please get in touch with Hannah (hannah@hirespace.com).