20th November 2014

Nestled behind Chelsea's iconic King's Road, a private door opens onto a series of steps. Before you even reach the top, a sense of splendour seems to spark in the air. And suddenly, Beaufort House's striking, leatherbound bar comes into view, glowing with the gold-tinted glimmer of champagne.

Beaufort House

Wide-eyed and with watering mouths, the Hire Space Team eagerly hurried in, gazing around at the regal paintings, elegant design and unrivaled instinct for glamour.

Beaufort House is one of our favourite venues. It possesses an effortless style that is much-imitated, and yet rarely achieved. Needless to say, it's desperately sought after.

Beaufort House

Canapés included succulent pork belly, salmon tartare, and miniature cottage pies - the sort of conversation-stopping indulgences that made it tough to focus on our guests. Not that the champagne helped, either.


But we were surrounded by such engaging, accomplished and warm guests that we were snapped out of our champagne-canapé daze, and brought into stimulating and rewarding conversation.

Lindsay Taylor, AKA Your Excellency, was a prime example of such company, as she revealed her fascinating and impressive career in the PA world, and spurred us on to partake in some creative team-building exercises.


The Beaufort House staff were equally brilliant company, being focused, attentive to detail, and yet at the same time able to imbue the atmosphere with a seemingly effortless calm.

We don't know how they do it, but we're certainly glad they do.

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