3rd March 2015

They spank you on the way in.

Quite literally. You enter this Shoreditch bar, thinking it's like any other, and suddenly a floor-to-ceiling mirror swings open, you step through, and your buttocks clench at an almighty spank.

At Looking Glass Cocktail Club, they begin as they mean to go on.

Tiny bottles of cocktail potions are stacked upon the bar, each with their own 'Drink Me!' tags tassled around their necks. One sip is all it takes to realise you've entered a new world, through the looking glass.

This secret back room, sparked with the spirit of bartender flair, is a private space that can fit up to 140. We packed it out for our event with Hire Space friends, colleagues and clients.

Among the fray were a warm and talkative bunch, but all of us, without fail, fell silent each time a bartender began to whip up one of their cocktails, as we ogled their blurry hands and dextrous finesse. And with a Drink Me!-tagged bottle in your back pocket, you were never left without a drink.

Suffice it to say, we all gladly obeyed those instructions.

Then came the show-stopper.

A bartender pulled up a cocktail-making station and performed a demonstration.

It was a blur of a pirouetting top hat, two twirling hands, and a flame-drenched pile of orange slices which quite literally exploded before our eyes.

It tasted of citrus fire. In a good way.

It was, in sum, a brilliant night of secrecy, spanking and fuzzy memories.

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