23rd September 2015

If there's one thing we know, it's venues. We live them, love them, visit them, eat in them, drink in them, tell our friends about them, and help you book them.

So, we couldn't resist the chance to tell you about our favourite venues for our favourite type of event: the Christmas party.

When everyone's gathered together for a well-deserved shabang after a year of hard work, a brilliant and beautiful venue can offer a really special experience. Here are five of our favourites.



Jess explains why she picked MOTEL:

"MOTEL currently is - hands down - London's most exciting events venue. Tech companies are desperate to launch their products there; couples want to get married there; and you should be speaking with them right now in order to secure your Christmas party there.

Based in a Victorian railway arch, covered by a corrugated iron roof, built upon exposed-brick walls, it's a beautiful space. Minimal, clean, fresh and stark. It will be your own little cavern for your Christmas party."

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Oli: Nine Adam Street

Charing Cross

Venue Expert Oli explains his choice:

"The vaults at Nine Adam Street are really involving spaces - they can make a room feel lively and packed even when the guests have only just started to arrive. The blankness of the space also means that you can really put your own stamp on the venue. Decorations, branding, whatever - it's your canvas to fill."

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Ara: Chelsea FC


Fulham Broadway

Ara explains why he chose Chelsea FC:

"When you visit Chelsea FC, you feel the rich sporting heritage it's a part of, which stretches over a century. It's a pretty special place to be any time. But when you're there for a party - especially one that you've organised yourself - that prestige and history is even more amazing.

If you have a strong contingent of football lovers, you've got to go with this one. But for anyone, this is a really brilliant Christmas party venue."


Millie: Hix City

Liverpool Street

Millie explains why she chose Hix City:

"The Hix venues are just so cool. Like Hix Tramshed - it has a massive centrepiece that consists of a real cow in formaldehyde. It doesn't get much cooler than that.

But Hix City just tops it for me: situated in the incredible Devonshire Square, you can wander in and out of the venue without having to brave the English weather - especially important at Christmas. The food is absolutely ace, and so is the design. And if you step outside, you can see the Gherkin. Enough said."


Adele: The Trafalgar

Charing Cross

Adele explains why she picked The Trafalgar:

"When you're organising the Christmas party, you've got the expectations and hopes of all your colleagues (and not to mention your boss...). So you need to make sure it's got a sense of grandeur and glamour. This is what you get at The Trafalgar, as it's perched on London's most iconic square.

"The Rockwell Bar is the spot most perfect for Christmas parties, with a long bar for quick drinks and plenty of nooks and crannies. This one's a winner."

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Tommy: Riverside Rooms


Tommy explains why he has picked Riverside Rooms:

"It's always important to be in a central place for the Christmas party to continue, because, without fail, there's always some troopers who are keen for it to carry on. Riverside Rooms - which is basically on The Thames - offers just this.

And, with oak panelled walls and open windows, you really feel an amazing sense of occasion when you visit it. You should definitely check it out."

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Ed: Andaz Studio

Liverpool Street

Ed explains why he chose Andaz Studio:

"Andaz Studio is for people looking to make a serious mark with their party. The people that want to throw the type of party that their colleagues will be reminiscing about for years to come - the type of party that next year's will have to follow.

"It's a 5 star boutique hotel, which includes an astounding Masonic Temple. The dining tables gleam with polish, and the surrounding decor will keep everyone in a complete trance. It's the ultimate London has to offer."

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