Hi there, I'm Oli. As someone who uses hirespace.com on a regular basis, I was delighted to see the recent launch of their Referrals Program - the perfect chance to sort out my xmas shopping while introducing friends and colleagues to a great (and free) service.

Oli and his colleague celebrate the successful referral

Oli and his colleague celebrate the successful referral

I work for Sony/ATV, working with clients from Ed Sheeran to Bruce Springsteen, and know quite a few people who organise events - from the PA doing the xmas party, the office manager organising the quarterly company meeting to the events team organising an awards show.

I'd used Hire Space before, and referred my colleague Pixie who was booking the quiz night for the end of October. I did this really easily by adding her email address to the referrals page. It took 10 seconds, and don't worry, there's absolutely no spamming!

She spoke to Jake, one of Hire Space's Venue Experts, who effortlessly handled the various stages of booking the event. The venue she ended up reserving was BEAT London, a cool, industrial space and private members' club in Soho. The event went off without a hitch, and my team wound up winning the quiz. And fair and square – despite the unfounded accusations of cheating...

But more importantly, thanks to the referrals scheme, both the event booker Pixie and I received £150 worth of John Lewis gift cards! They were sent to us at the end of the month – and given that it was already late October, we got them pretty much immediately. So I got a head-start on my Christmas shopping, and my family can expect classy John Lewis goodies instead of the usual charity-shop socks.

So, from personal experience, I'd thoroughly recommend the Hire Space Referrals Programme to anyone – whether you're booking a company event, like we did, or a personal one like a wedding or birthday party. It's a win-win for all involved!

To find out more about the Referrals Programme, and see some FAQs, check out our Referrals HQ here.

And if you'd like to share your own experiences about the Referrals Programme, you can be featured in our next case study! Email talib@hirespace.com and we'll get in touch.