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It's been a crazy year. Some venues have fallen, others have risen to the top. Venues have been quicker at getting back to you. You've started reviewing them. And some venues have been extraordinarily popular.

And, of course, there was the (belated) realisation that London is the best city in Europe for events. Maybe in 2015 they'll realise it's the best in the world.

So. We wanted to recognise, praise and celebrate the best of London's best.

The Hire Space Awards 2014

1. Fastest Responding

This goes to the venue that has been consistently getting back to you the quickest in 2014. That means that every time you click 'contact venue', they're on the ball and ready to respond.

And the winner is...

Lumiere London!

button at Lumiere London

With an average response-time of 6 minutes, Lumiere London is our fastest responder to your enquiries.

However, a special mention must go out to iCan Studios for our fastest ever response, replying to a customer in just 90 seconds.

  1. Most Captivating Photo

This goes to the venue who you've given the best response to on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

And the winner is...

Dalston Department Store

This striking and fairly bizarre photo comes from the beautiful Dalston Department Store, and was closely followed by this stunning offering from The Asylum:

The Asylum

  1. Best Reviewed

This goes to the venue that's received the best reviews from our customers through our private feedback system.

And the winner is...

41 Portland Place!

button at 41 Portland Place

Whenever we get a glowing review from one of you about 41 Portland Place, it never comes as much of a surprise. It's a stunning, iconic venue perched on one of London's most magnificent streets. See it here.

  1. Most Contacted

This goes to the venue that's been contacted the most times by our customers.

And the winner is...

Studio Spaces E2

Studio Spaces E2 led the Hire Space pack this year, clearly a favourite with Hire Space customers - and it's easy to see why. See their profile here.

  1. Set For The Biggest Things In 2015

This goes to the venue that's going to be seriously big in 2015.

And the winner is...

Shoreditch Townhouse!

button at Shoreditch House

Having built up a loyal following of eager visitors, Shoreditch Townhouse has blasted onto the scene in 2014. Tipped to make an even bigger impact next year, it's a curious and quirky offering from a truly imaginative team.

Congratulations to all our winners! It certainly has been a big and beautiful year for venue hire. Get in touch at hirespace.com to make 2015 even bigger and better.