If you’re getting ready to plan your next event, whether it is a workshop, conference, dinner, or product launch, you're probably searching for a creative touch to make your event stand out from the rest. If you’re seeking a company that can help you create that unique event, the company you are looking for is Heaps + Stacks.

Heaps + Stacks is one of the most innovative production and programming companies in London right now. They’ve created unique programmes for some of the largest companies in the world, including Soho House, Nike, and Facebook, and they can work with you, too.


They’ve even worked with Hire Space at one of our EventLAB series events by sponsoring an interactive beauty activity. The team created a beautiful Petal Parlour pop-up at our first event this year. The application of the beautiful, dried flowers on both faces and nails had everyone feeling like a haute couture model.


If you're looking for some inspiration, check out their downloadable packs, full of information about how they can make your next event full of meaningful interaction, ideas and activities, no matter the topic. Feel inspired by their creative activities covering subjects such as wellness, female empowerment, sustainability and everybody’s favourite: food.

Heaps + Stacks provide that little extra something that gets people chatting, even long after your event ends. Not only will people be talking, they’ll also probably be posting photos of their new floral faces all over Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter as well.


There is an array of amazing, planned-out activities to choose from, but if you’re looking for something even more tailored, they can create something special entirely for your project. They have a team ready to help you find inspiration to enthral the guests at your next event with something interactive and exciting.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today.