29th December 2015

Earlier this month, dozens of London PAs and frequent event bookers gathered to celebrate the festive season with Hire Space at a very merry Marylebone space.

Narnia was the backdrop for this seasonal Hire Space Plus event, with a snow-dusted floor, pine trees, the iconic lamppost, and even an entrance via a wardrobe, for those willing to crawl through the decorative square space. Even the famous faun, Mr. Tumnus, made an appearance, with frizzy hair, horns, hooves and the rest.

In short, our hosts for the evening, Carousel, provided an enchantingly festive space in their flexible basement area. The bar was stocked with beer, wine and plenty of bubbly, and the friendly staff showed their hospitable nature as they regularly came round with boards lined with delectable and diverse canapés for all tastes – such as the prawn and chorizo empanada, and the egg mayo and anchovy served on a chicory leaf.

The spacious area, cosy theming and warmness of the hosts allowed for everyone to network with ease, and for the Hire Space team to mingle and get to know our guests a little better – and to ascertain what their favourite animals were, of course (the polar bear proved to be the most popular critter, while 'meerkat', 'platypus' and...'cockroach' were interesting and unusual curveballs).

Entertainment came from the incredibly impressive MKC Choir, who belted out an eclectic range of melodious gospel tunes ranging from the moving Amazing Grace, to a rendition of Michael Jackson's classic, Beat It, to a more current John Legend hit – not to mention the appropriately merry White Christmas. The folks from Say Fromage also lent a photo booth to the amusement, allowing us all to make festive fools out of ourselves, with special thanks to the prop box filled with felt red hats with bobbles, bells and other frilly adornments.

We hope all our guests had as fun a night as the Hire Space team did. We hope you all had a merry Christmas filled with popped crackers, stuffed turkey and stockings completely devoid of coal – and that you enjoy a prosperous and happy New Year.

To learn more about Carousel, check out this page. To register your interest in attending Hire Space Plus events, please email us at plus@hirespace.com (our next event is at the prestigious Lord's Cricket Ground).