11th September 2015

After many successful years spent in IT, Nick Blythe decided enough was enough.

He'd loved his career, and was dedicated to it, but he couldn't resist the fragrances of seafood and saffron - the smells he'd been surrounded by as a child while cooking with his family.

And so he did it. He took the plunge, and he started Paella Fella.

Nick's story is one that we've all probably dreamed of: sacking in the daily grind for a passion project you've always wanted to pursue. Except, probably unlike us, Nick has an unusual talent for creating irresistibly delicious paella.

Combining Spanish traditions and his own natural flair and instinct, Nick has created a company that is driven by a passion for authentic and social catering experiences.

Nick spent his youth cooking alongside his family, and paella was always a favourite. Having spent many holidays in Spain, he'd become intimate with the dish, and with a little push of encouragement from his brother, started to make his own.

Today, his success has earned him a place in the world-renowned paella cooking competition Concurs, in Seuca, the rice capital of Spain. He is the only Britain ever to have been invited.

With passion, talent, and respect for paella's Valencian roots, Nick has left his IT days far, far behind.

Paella Fella is now an established caterer, serving everything from private parties to weddings and charity events. Serving well over 300+, his dishes can bring a taste of Spanish flair to any event.

What's so unique about the caterer is that they offer a culinary experience that's as sociable and informal as canapés, but with a much more substance to dig into.

And, with his massive pans, everyone can grab a bite while on the move. It combines the best of both worlds: there's no need for everyone to sit down at a formal dinner, but Paella Fella doesn't resort to unhealthy fast food either. It's just the perfect mix, like the paellas themselves.

If you're interested in Paella Fella (and you definitely should be!) then get in touch with Nick at paellafella.co.uk, and see what he can offer your event.