5th June 2015

Raymond Blanc is entirely self-taught.

At the age of 23, he got his first job as a waiter. Unable to contain himself, he decided to mention to the Head Chef of the restaurant that there was a better way to cook the cuisine. He was promptly fired.

He was then shipped off to England to work in another restaurant, with almost no knowledge of English. He was so unprepared, he had to carry around a notepad with him because he didn't know crucial English words.

Five years later, he would have two Michelin stars.



Today, he has produced one of the country's most loved selection of restaurants, renowned for reliably exquisite food at an affordable price.

This summer, you can hire them all through Hire Space for a beautiful private party. We've got six of the best of them for you to look through here.

And - at the end - we'll share an irresistible offer to sweeten the deal. Make your summer party amazing.

1. Covent Garden


Covent Garden

Undoubtedly the most iconic of the Blanc Brasseries, the beautiful Covent Garden venue is uniquely primed for summer parties.

A glass palace, perched atop one of the world's most famous markets, this Brasserie delivers fine dining inside a pristinely beautiful conservatory.

With room for 22 dining, your party can all cosy up under the conservatory and indulge in Raymond's irresistible cuisine.

**2. Charlotte Street**


Goodge Street


'Simple, hearty French cuisine from his childhood' - this is what we get to devour whenever we step through Blanc's doors. The Charlotte Street restaurant, with its outside terrace, is no different.



Take your colleagues from the city stress into the French countryside, where you can wine, dine, and while away the time inside an adorable bistro.

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3. Tower Hill


Tower Hill

Blanc's dining room in Tower Hill is truly one of a kind: it simultaneously evokes the playful spectacle of the Moulin Rouge, while offering a distinguished sense of exclusivity.

More importantly, it's a place that you and your party can take over, feeling far away from London and yet at home in a room that will be all yours.

What's more, the venue is located directly opposite The Tower Of London, offering a quintessential slice of London that's easily accessible from all parts of the city.

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4. Southbank



Despite being so near Waterloo, the site of the France's great defeat, this Southbank Blanc is right at home. It's where London's cultured night-owls flock, a place of theatre, performance, art and fine French cuisine.



Bring your colleagues, family or friends to London's cultural hub, and enjoy the verve, bustle and excitement that this area is famous for.

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5. Threadneedle Street



Threadneedle Street - as well as being one of the best named streets in London - contains the most cosmopolitan Brasserie Blanc, a venue that has absorbed the electric energy of the inner-city hustle and bustle.

And yet, there is an immense calm on the inside, encapsulated by their candle-lit, opulent private dining room.

Perhaps the most conveniently located of the brasseries, this one is a definite favourite.

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6. Chancery Lane


Chancery Lane

Chancery Lane, the final offering from Raymond, is a secluded chamber, the perfect antidote to a hard day's work. It's the final piece of the Blanc puzzle - an entirely private lair for parties with a dose of panache.

Candle light, fine wine, paintings, wood-panelled walls - let loose in a den of opulence.


Your special offer


If you book one of these amazing venues through Hire Space before September 1st, we'll throw in a free Pimm's reception - or, if you'd rather, a round of bubbly.

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