11th February 2015

Picture it: Condensation is trickling down your fingers from the sin-tinted Pimms in your hand; your sunglasses wash everything aglow with a warm, bronze hue; and you're surrounded by your coworkers, finally released from the office to have a good time together.

It's the crucial, indispensable, wholly necessary summer party.

Here's where to do it.

1. Kensington Palace

When 'palace' is in the name, there's not much you really have to say. It's a palace. And you don't have to travel to Versailles for this one: Kensington Palace is slap bang in the centre of West London.

There's the fresh, pristine Orangery, the gorgeous gardens, and a whole host of spectacular rooms.

Party like it's 1649.

2. Paperworks

It's a paradise retreat in South London, where palm trees and golden sands meet the Northern Line, and where a medley of local street-food, heaters and wooden shacks offer an exciting and unique summer party vibe.

The other (no so) minor detail is their innovative cocktail wizardry, perfect for sipping under the summer sunrays.

3. Belgraves

An NYC-style terrace, a Cuban cigar collection, a renowned pastry chef, a retractable weather-proof roof, a gorgeous vertical garden, soft blankets...

It's easy to get lost in all the irrestible features that make Belgraves a dream summer party venue.

4. Boulestin

It's hard to come across secrets in London. Before you can say 'cereal cafe' they're splashed across the city's magazines, spreading through moustache-topped lips.

But Boulestin, with it's unexpected, dreamy courtyard, is a secret worth keeping. And summer parties aren't just treated to the beauty of the venue, but also their famously mouthwatering French cuisine.

5. Bateaux

Is it a boat? A barge? It's Bateaux: a floating venue born for the British summer and London's beautiful river, The Thames.

It therefore offers a constantly developing view, meaning you can watch the central London skyline unfold through your sunglasses, cocktail in hand.

6. Grange St. Paul's

This is probably how St. Paul wanted his cathedral to be seen: from above, on a rooftop, with whisky sours. Well, maybe not. But it certainly is one of the best ways to do it.

Clearly designed with your type of sumemr party in mind, this is a big, big favourite - get in touch to enquire.

7. Gibson Hall

The sparkling bed of grass, surrounded by the noble stone arches of the Gibson Hall buildings, begs for the open-toed footsteps of a summer party crowd.

A rare botanical sanctuary in the centre of the city, for as many as 600 of you.

To enquire about one of these venues, or for the rest of what's out there, get in touch at hirespace.com