The notion of a Christmas office party may well conjure images of tepid cocktail sausages, awkward flirting, and excessively sweet fruit punch. But it doesn't have to be that way. London has some of the most exciting, imaginative and frankly bizarre venues to make your company's Christmas party something that, rather than mildly dreading, you can look forward to all year.

From belly dancers, snake charmers and shisha to underground vaults, you'll soon be counting down the days 'till Santa comes to town.

1. Pulse and Bankside Vaults

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This is one of those venues that you can't quite believe actually exists. It is an astonishing 19,000 sq. ft. of space under monumental railway arches, which carve an enormous yet engaging space, beautifully finished with exposed brickwork.

For a large scale event without the corporate feel of a conference venue, or for something small and intimate, Pulse and Bankside Vaults is incapable of disappointing.

2. Rooms On Regent's Park

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Exquisite, wood-paneled walls frame The Nuffield Hall's beautiful, open windows that look out onto Regent's Park, meaning that your Christmas guests can enjoy the view (and hopefully the snow!) without the frost-biting cold. A serene location, a luxurious setting, and a definite contender for an unforgettable Christmas party venue.

3. Studio Spaces E1

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Office parties don't have to be naff affairs with paper hats and disco-lights: you can take the opportunity to throw a something unique and imaginative.

Let your ideas run wild in Studio Spaces E1, a mesmerising space that can serve as a palette for your party plans. And where better to explore exciting event options than in a beautiful space Shoreditch? It's time to get creative.

4. El Cantara

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If you want more from party than the weak snap of a Christmas cracker, prepare yourself for El Cantara. Situated in the heart of Soho, this stunning Moroccan venue will transport you to an exotic paradise full of belly dancers, shisha terraces and even a charmed python bivattatus, one of the most majestic snakes in the world.

With exquisite ethnic cuisine that puts a dry roast chicken to shame, once you try this place you'll feel like a Genie has answered all your Christmas wishes.

5. Bittersweet

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It's easy to take a turn in Bittersweet and become entranced by the ingenious interior design: one curved ceiling looks like it's glazed with icing; one shimmering enclave looks like the inside of a honeycomb; one more turn could take you into what looks like a purple holodeck.

Wander through this visual medley and celebrate the year with a Christmas feast for the eyes.

6. Maison Touareg

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Maison Touareg (pronounced 'tor-egg') is a local not-so-well-kept secret, where night-owls flock for mezzes and
munches. But this entire haven could be cordened off just for your Christmas troupe for an Arabian night of carols, crackers and charisma.

With fire dancers and low Moroccan tables that seat up to 60, you can sit back and soak in a Mediterranean Christmas.

7. Beaufort House

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Finally we have Beaufort House, which includes a stunning penthouse champagne bar, with beautiful oak beams and an awe-inspiring glass chandelier in the ground floor restaurant & cocktail bar. Put this on your Christmas wish-list and leave treats for Santa, because Beaufort House is the stuff of Christmas miracles.

These are just a handful of the exciting spots we have waiting to be snapped up - discover all the venues on offer by visiting, and prepare to be extra merry this Christmas.