As most of you will know by now, virtual events, where visitors attend online rather than in-person, have really come in to their own during the coronavirus pandemic. All sorts of virtual events, from trade shows to sing-alongs, are now available online for people all over the world to attend.

Not only do they maintain communication during this period of isolation, they can be extremely effective in achieving business objectives and placing your brand front and centre. But, in this rapidly saturated market, it's now important not just to create a virtual event, but to create a great virtual event that people will remember. To help you get started, here's 10 creative virtual event ideas for you to consider for your 2020 event strategy.

If you want to get back to basics, you could also read our piece on 10 Simple Steps to Planning a Virtual Event or How To Monetise Your Virtual Event. To get some guidance from one of our virtual event experts, book a free consultation today and we'll be happy to help.

Table of Contents

1. Virtual conference
2. Online workshops
3. Webinars
4. Online entertainment
5. Health and wellbeing sessions
6. Virtual meetings
7. Virtual networking
8. Fireside chats
9. Teambuilding activities
10. Live streaming

Virtual conference

Why choose a virtual conference?

Conferences are a great way to meet with likeminded people, learn more about an industry and see some great speakers. So, if you're looking to bring together people from different geographical locations who share a common goal or interest in your industry, a virtual conference is a great way to go.

A virtual conference will typically consist of a keynote session, followed by several different sessions (including breakout sessions) throughout the day, followed by a post-event networking feature using digital engagement tools. More sophisticated platforms will allow an exhibition capability too, allowing you to create a trade-show feel consisting of different stands just like a live event.

How to make your virtual conference stand out

To make your virtual conference stand out, you could consider sending an intro tutorial video to attendees explaining how to use the platform, along with instructions on how to create their own agenda for the day.

Whilst many virtual events feature the aforementioned virtual expo stands, SBC Digital Summit went one step further and created a virtual conference centre! For example, the home screen attendees first arrive to was named the 'Lobby' and featured a background that was designed based on a real conference centre lobby. This is a unique approach which added an interesting novelty to the event, and gave attendees a sense of familiarity.

You could also offer incentives in order to engage your attendees. For example, you could hold a social media competition where attendees have to share a post about the event on social media using the dedicated event hashtag, with the aim of winning virtual goodies. Not only will this add excitement to your event, but it will build brand awareness and make attendees keep checking back and engaging with your social media channels, too.

Another way you could take your virtual conference to another level is to bring an artist on board to create real time illustrations. This technique is known as digital live scribing and is a great way to engage your audience in a novel way. The artist creates artwork during panel discussions to provide a visual representation of the topics covered in the session. They are great to provide to attendees post-event and share on social media.

Hire Space recommends:

Do some research into multi-feature technology platforms, such as Brella or Swapcard, that has the software to accommodate your event. Make sure you ask them to give you a demo, and have a playaround with it yourself to check it's easy to use, and easy to build!

Virtual conferences can be a great way to bring people together

Online workshops

Why choose an online workshop?

Online workshops are a great way to deliver skill-based training while keeping your attendees engaged and interested. Workshops usually last anywhere from half an hour to 3 hours, making them short and easily accessible to people who are working. Workshops typically involve audience participation, which maintains attention and tests newly-learnt knowledge.

How to make your workshop stand out

A great way to make your workshop or training session more engaging is to use a host. The Event Marketing School uses a host to facilitate their workshop sessions, meaning that the experience is more personal and attendees are held more accountable when an actual human is talking to them!

To quiz your attendees and allow them to apply what they've just learnt, you could run a fun 'pub quiz' style test. Separate your attendees into groups using breakout session technology and ask some questions to consolidate their learning. This will get them talking to their peers, share knowledge and create a more rounded and active learning experience.

Hire Space recommends:

Depending on how many attendees you're aiming for, online workshops don't typically need super sophisticated software.  A workshop of around 30 delegates would work well with a fairly simple streaming platform with the capability of breakout rooms, such as Zoom.

Workshops are a great educational tool and can be done online


Why choose a webinar?

Different in style to a workshop, a webinar requires less audience participation and could therefore have a much wider audience reach - delegates from all over the world can tune in and just listen, no embarrassment necessary! Typically lasting anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours, a webinar usually consists of one speaker sharing knowledge, advice and best practice on a particular topic. It can be a great tool to keep your employees or customers updated with the latest information around your chosen topic.

How to make your webinar stand out

Watching one speaker talk for ages may get a little tiresome. To liven it up, you could turn it into a 'talk-show' style session, where you interview an industry influencer, or bring in an expert to discuss a niche topic. The key here is educating but also variety to keep delegates attentive. By all means, get a keynote speaker to address your audience, but balance it out with a panel discussion on best practices, or perhaps break up the educational content with a mindfulness session with a wellbeing professional.

The great thing about webinars is that they're pretty easy to orchestrate - they can be created using pretty simple video conferencing tools, but it may be a good idea to make sure there's a Q&A function, so guests can be involved in that way.

Hire Space recommends:

Think about your business objectives here. What are you providing your delegates with that will make them come back time and time again? Make sure your speakers are known to your audience and that your content is actually interesting and educational. You may consider charging for webinar access, or offer it for free but charge for the on-demand content post event.

Webinars with laptops can be educational

Online entertainment

Why choose online entertainment?

Just because you're taking your event virtual, doesn't mean it has to come to an abrupt end when the content is finished. Adding on a fun entertainment segment adds a new dimension to a virtual conference or meeting, or you could host a whole event purely aiming to entertain your attendees. Most of us have done at least one virtual quiz during this pandemic, and there have been many digital concerts too, such as the One World: Together at Home back in April. The trick is to make yours stand out!

How to make your online entertainment stand out

Technology is your best friend! You can entertain attendees and encourage them to problem solve by doing virtual scavenger hunts, or treat them to an evening of culture with a live streamed play straight from a theatre, a service the National Theatre have started offering.

The events industry charity, Meeting Needs, recently held their fantastic virtual evening of entertainment called 'Lockdown Rock-down', where guests could listen to live music, participate in live game shows and even take part in lip sync battles. The opportunities for virtual entertainment are endless - you could even add on karaoke or an online photo booth!  

Hire Space recommends:

In terms of technology, there are a range of platforms which can facilitate your event objectives. The key here is to think about what your attendees would be excited to attend. For more ideas on entertaining your attendees, check out our piece on 10 Teambuilding Ideas for a Quarantined World.


Health and wellbeing sessions

Why choose health and wellbeing sessions?

Keeping fit and active during lockdown is crucial. For our physical and mental wellbeing, it's important to get our bodies moving and releasing endorphins, which will make us feel good and help us wind down and sleep better, too.

How to make your wellbeing sessions stand out

During these difficult times, anxiety, uncertainty and stress can often lead to us feeling overwhelmed. There are hundreds of online workout and mindfulness classes that take place every day at the moment, so to make yours stand out offer sessions that people may not have done before, to keep it exciting and give them something to look forward to. Rather than offering yet another yoga class, why not invite a Tai Chi instructor to lead a class, or hold an action-packed boxing class!

You could also hold wellbeing sessions as part of another event, such as during your virtual conference. People won't mind getting hot and sweaty during a break between sessions when they're in the comfort of their own living rooms! You could offer a HIIT session or a relaxing mindfulness and meditation class to help combat stress. This will cost you little to nothing, and will add a different, more personal dimension to your event and will help build bonds with your audience.

Hire Space says:

Health and wellbeing sessions can encapsulate all kinds of things, so really look around to find interesting and valuable forms of physical or mental exercise, keeping your attendees fit and focused. In terms of delivering the sessions, it couldn't be easier! A simple video conference call or live stream is all it takes for an instructor to deliver a class.

Meditation can help alleviate anxiety for your audience

Virtual meetings

Why choose virtual meetings

Whilst during lockdown it's not possible to meet in person, it's important to try and emulate a face-to-face experience as much as possible. We can get a lot of information from facial expressions, so for new partnerships, touching-base meetings or even just team meetings, consider a virtual meeting rather than just a phone call. Essentially, a virtual meeting is just a video conference call, where there's an agenda for points to be covered, but is a good way to engage a small number of clients or employees and build on relationships.

How to make your virtual meeting stand out

To make a virtual meeting a bit more interesting, each person in the meeting could go round and give a 30 second update, or introduction if you haven't met before. This will establish rapport and kicks off the meeting in a more personal way. You could also start the meeting with a game or brainstorming session to get attendees or employees engaged. You could even provide a breakfast delivered to attendee's houses if you're really trying to impress them!

Hire Space says:

Seeing each other face to face is really important. You could use platforms who run a hosted 'Daily Kickoff' meeting to start the day, or for other meetings you can use a simple video conferencing tool. Make sure each participant has a strong internet connection to ensure the meeting flows well.

Meeting with colleagues

Virtual networking

Why choose virtual networking?

Networking with industry peers at an event is a great way to build your network, share knowledge and let your hair down with colleagues. It can be an essential part of an event and really bring people together. Why compromise the value of a networking event just because it's virtual?! To allow your attendees to meet with like-minded professionals and more importantly, discuss your event, can be a great marketing tool for your brand whilst treating your attendees to some chill-out time.

How to make your virtual networking stand out

You could do anything from providing a 'room' for attendees to go, to offering an appointment-booking capability, where attendees can book virtual appointments with sponsors or specific attendees. You could also be involved a little more and hold several sessions at the same time for attendees to choose from, whether that's a room with a live dj session for attendees to dance around to, or a hosted pub quiz, you could potentially keep the attendees entertained at your event for hours after it's finished!

Networking sessions are also a great opportunity for a sponsor to get their name in front of the audience, so may consider offering an incentive to attend, such as sending each attendee a small basket with the beverages and snacks they might receive at a live event.

Hire Space says:

Several virtual event platforms offer the ability for networking, so make sure you ask them to give you a demo so you can try it out for yourself. If the platform is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, attendees are likely to spend more time chatting to fellow attendees and will be more likely to talk about how great your event was.

Networking is a good end to a virtual event

Fireside chats

Why choose a fireside chat?

A fireside chat is an informal but structured interview between a guest and moderator. It provides a unique, informal opportunity to get to know a speaker on a more personal level, and is a great feature or addition to another virtual event, such as a webinar, virtual conference or live stream. It will also demonstrate your versatility in creating different kinds of events.

How to make your fireside chat stand out

We don't know about you, but we love watching guest interviews on various topics and are often dying to ask the guest questions about themselves or their work. To alleviate this, we suggest offering a Q&A or live poll feature so that the audience can ask questions and they'll be covered at the end. This will make it more engaging and personal - imagine hearing your hero answer your question live on air! Priceless.

Our advice? Get speakers that are as high-profile as possible - humans are nosey! People will be more likely to sign up if they have a chance to find out some interesting, behind-the-scenes facts about a well-known personality. You could also use this opportunity for employees to ask the CEO of their company some questions about the business, their backstory and future plans.

Hire Space says:

As this is supposed to be more informal than a corporate interview, reflect this by creating a cosy lounge-style backdrop for the session. This will make it feel more casual and may attract an audience who don't fancy sitting through boring formal interviews.

Fire side chats are more informal

Teambuilding activities

Why choose a teambuilding activity?

Team building is a great way to break the ice for a new team, restore morale in a team lacking motivation and even to reward teams who have been working hard and deserve a treat. Whilst the pandemic is preventing us from participating in team building activities in person, there are loads of virtual alternatives.

How to make your teambuilding activity stand out

Novelty is key! Offer something different that your team will get excited by - from wine tasting to virtual panic rooms, there are so many possibilities on offer which will bring your team together and encourage cohesion as a unit.

Hire Space says:

If you want to organise a teambuilding activity, we can help! Our virtual event experts have negotiated exclusive discounts with a multitude of suppliers, so have a read of our piece on 10 Virtual Team Building Ideas and book your free consultation to get the ball rolling!

Wine tasting

Live streaming

Why choose live streaming?

A live stream is an online, live transmission of an event. This can be done over several platforms, including social media platforms such as Facebook or Linkedin. A live stream is a great tool for building your social following and communicating your brand's messaging.

How to make your live stream stand out

Why not take a leaf out of the world of podcasting's book and create a talk-show style session, to engage your attendees and make the live stream more interesting to watch. Like the EventLAB podcast, you could invite industry leaders together to discuss industry news, latest updates, current affairs and engage in debates. To extend the value of the live stream, you could write up the key points into a blog and share it across social media, increasing your attendance rate for next time and providing value for those who couldn't make it.

You could even turn the live stream into a regular series, where you bring in different guests and focus on different topics each week, to maintain a touch point with your audience. For some inspiration, you can watch our new fortnightly live stream series titled 'The Fortnight in Review' where we do exactly that - bring in key players from the events industry to discuss the latest coronavirus news and event industry responses.

Hire Space says:

If you want to find out more about live streaming and the service we can offer you, get in touch today.

Live streaming is a good way to reach your audience

We hope these ideas have inspired you to get creative and have a go at creating your own virtual event. To read more about planning virtual events, read our article on how to Adapt and Grow Your Audience With Virtual Events, or read about Hire Space's recent virtual event 'How The Events World Is Responding To COVID-19'.

At Hire Space, we've developed a virtual event consulting service to help events professionals through this uncertain time.

So, what are you waiting for? If you're ready to start organising, book your free consultation today with our Virtual Event Experts to see how we can help make your virtual event unforgettable!




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