23rd July 2015

In London's nooks and crannies, behind unmarked doors, inside abandoned tube stations, and through secret entrances, are some of the world's most incredible bars. You've just got to know where to look.

Here are 7 of the best - all of which you can hire for your event through Hire Space.

1. Purl

Baker Street

Full of 'secret nooks and crannies', where photos of gangsters cover the walls like a hall of fame, Purl is a venue very much indebted to the legends of the prohibition era.

Alcoves, with leather seats, low, mellow lighting, and sparkling chandeliers, give this speakeasy its distinctive beauty. And, owned by our very own rebel Kevin Pietersen, its got the spirit of the 1920s firmly within its soul.

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2. The Little Yellow Door

Notting Hill Gate

With a secret entrance, which opens up into a 'flat share experience', Little Yellow Door is where you and your friends can enter a private house party - a secret celebration in the heart of Notting Hill, where only those that know to knock are invited to enter.

With tasty food, a range of cocktails and a completely unique concept, it's a speakeasy with a twist - and an unusual but ingenious venue for a party.

3. Cahoots

Piccadilly Circus

In an abandoned tube station, deep underground London, there is a secret 1940s bar. Inspired by the real-life bars that populated Soho's streets during the era, Cahoots recaptures the revelry and debauchery of the World War II spirit. With swing dancing, old pianos, scrumptious cocktails and vintage decoration, you'll feel tucked away inside a secret time machine.

But it's also a time capsule - an exhibition of old fashioned wooden escalators, authentic tiling and a genuine, full size vintage train carriage. With everything from tube seats to original furniture, it's a totally unique backdrop for events.

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4. Peters & Co. Gin Palace

London Fields

Under the cover of a pie and eel shop called 'F. Cooke', there is a stunning (and thoroughly stocked) gin palace, called Peters & Co. It's a secret bar filled to the brim with over 40 gins, the establishment looks like an old fashioned English diner - but you won't find any eels or pie here. It's just gin. Lots, and lots, of gin.

What more do you want?

5. Ask For Janice


First, you've got to find the secret door. You can mooch about their bar, eat some delicious snacks, and look out over Smithfield Market. But if you want to find the real life and soul of this venue, you've first got to find the secret door.

We're not going to tell you where it is, but we will tell you what it leads to: a graffiti-splattered, candle lit, industrial basement speakeasy, where you can celebrate everything from your birthday to your wedding day. Take a look.

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6. Streaky Gin

High Street Kensington

Not only does this 'brunch-centric' (why isn't everything brunch-centric?) restaurant infuse its dishes with a Southern American twang, but it's also imported Cricket Nelson, who, in case you don't know, is basically the best person in the world at making cocktails (she won GQ Mixologist of the year).

And, when you add into the mix the fact that Streaky Gin has an underground speakeasy, it's hard not to be desperate to hire it out and sample all their treats in the privacy of a secret bar.

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7. Looking Glass Cocktail Club


When you see this mirror, you're not supposed to look at yourself. You're supposed to step through it - like Alice, the character who inspired this venue. When you work out how to enter it, you'll be greeted with an almighty spank. On the bottom. We're not kidding - this venue is full of surprises, where the drinks have tags that read 'drink me', and the mirrors swing open to secret rooms.

The cocktails are strong and intricate, and there are even some fire-splashed demonstrations - all enclosed in the secret world behind the swinging mirror.

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