31st December 2013

Recent Olympics successes, England retaining The Ashes, British riders dominating the Tour de France - this is, without doubt, a golden decade for sport in this country. Hire Space is here to honour our nation's success, as well as providing a host of brilliant Sport Halls for the next generation of budding sports stars. Here are 5 recommendations, with more available on Hire Space.

Chelsea Academy

Button Chelsea Academy

Speaking of versatile, have you seen the facilities at Chelsea Academy? Boasting a large sports hall, an activities hall, two MUGAs (football pitches), a theatre and a conference room, Chelsea Academy is great for a small sporting community game and perfect for multi-track sporting events with games taking place at the same time.

Located in the heart of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Chelsea Academy is one of the most convenient and accessible venue option in its price range.

Isaac Newton Academy

Button ISAAC NEWTON ACADEMY The Main Hall at Isaac Newton Academy is one of our most affordable sports halls for hire. With a high ceiling and court markings, the hall is suitable for sports games as well as arts and performance events. The only downside is that it is a bit further out than our central London options.

Petchey Academy

Button Petchey Academy

I was introduced to the magic of Capoeira via a street performing troupe during my trip to Brazil. The skill and athleticism, the flair and acrobatic beauty of this martial arts-based dance ... if the short, buck-toothed kid behind me hadn't pinched my man purse while I was clapping along, I may have stayed a bit longer to watch. Luckily for me, and all London residents, Capoeira is just one of the many activities available at The Petchey Academy Sports Club, Dalston.

Facilities for hire also include a superb Floodlit Astroturf Sports Area, Group Exercise Dance Studio, as well as classrooms for general use. Throw in an Indoor Sports Hall that regularly plays host to badminton, basketball, five-a-side football, netball, volleyball and table tennis, and you've got yourself an absolute gem of an events space.

Pimlico Academy

Button Pimlico Academy

When people think of sports halls, they tend to picture dark, out-of-the-way spaces, usually located in industrial areas and oddly smelling of cheap disinfectant. Or that could be just me. Regardless, you'll be hard pressed finding a more centrally located and impressive sports hall than the one at Pimlico Academy.

While this multi-purpose venue was featured in our last blog, we just had to include it again when listing some of London's top sports halls. Spacious, well-lit and extensively marked to cover a host of indoor sports, the Pimlico Academy Sports Hall provides the perfect accompaniment to its remaining event spaces, including the auditorium, theatre, dance studio and meeting rooms.

Mill Hill School

Button Mill Hill School

Keen to "spice up your life?" Move over "wannabe" venues - Mill Hill School is here to provide an events space for just about any sporting contest or performance you could imagine. OK, so the Spice Girls song references don't relate to Mill Hill directly, but it's been a year since Britain's favourite 90s pop act tore it up at the London Olympics closing ceremony and if that doesn't inspire you to hire the theatre space at Mill Hill and stage your own Danny Boyle-style epic, then I don't know what will!

Dance and performance space aside, Mill Hill School is home to some of the UK's best indoor and outdoor facilities. Its comprehensive sports centre has a swimming pool, tennis courts, fully equipped gym, weights room, astroturf, indoor cricket nets and a large sports hall, making it an ideal venue, all-year round. It's the type of place Sporty Spice would love to call home (and apparently did, under a tree next to the cricket field, during a lean period in the late 90s*).

The magnificent location of this venue also makes Mill Hill School a popular choice for weddings and film locations. Make a booking today!

*Yet to be confirmed. May in fact, be a lie.

That's it for this week. If you're Sporty Spice, don't sue us. We're just pleased that vociferous Aussie JR has publicly announced the Ashes loss unprompted. Acceptance is the first step. Everyone else, check out the Hire Space website for more information on these and other fantastic venues.