4th June 2015

If you're anything like me, your main knowledge of lofts comes from Dan Humphrey's ridiculously brilliant Brooklyn pad. He'd just casually swish down the sliding door to his room after having got up there on the cargo lift, and all I could do was check if my piggy bank had enough money for a ticket to NYC.

If Gossip Girl can be trusted as a source for how New Yorkers live, then we should all be making plans to move into a Brooklyn loft.

But London is no less rich in stunning lofts - you've just got to know where to look. They're not easy to find, but they're there, hiding away at the top of some of the city's most exquisite buildings.

Here are seven of the best.

1. Lumiere London

This must be one of the most beautiful contemporary venues in London - perfectly perched in Southwark, it's an expansive loft with views that sweep across the London skyline.

It's been designed with the keen eye of Carlos Lumiere, who has worked with some of the world's biggest brands as a photographer and venue manager.

Comprised of two beautiful chambers, the loft has seen everything from weddings to conferences, and regularly welcomes in London's top photographers for shoots. Any event could blossom in this stunning loft.

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2. Studio Spaces E2

You might think that at the top of every Shoreditch building is some achingly trendy loft, where harems of 'creatives' walk barefoot, smoke shisha pipes and eat Korean-Mexican fusion takeaways. Well, maybe there are.

But there is one, more beautiful than all the others, that you can hire for your own event. It's called Studio Spaces E2.

A disused local railway station, this loft has been converted into one of London's freshest and most on-trend lofts. The exposed, peeling walls evoke its past, as do the original Victorian windows that shower in light.For a wedding, conference, launch, club night - this must be the place.


3. The Factory

This is one I can't help but want to live in. It's just the place Dan Humphrey would feel at home - an NYC-style open-plan loft with balconies to boot.

Add some exposed brickwork and original wooden floorboard into the mix, and you've got yourself the dream loft combination.

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4. Ugly Duck


Ugly Duck is anything but ugly. Over the past couple of years, it's become an icon of London's venues, offering a blank canvas that can accommodate the fiercest of imaginations.

Event professionals love it for product launches, where brands can take ownership of the Victorian space, while allowing the venue to involve and engage guests.

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5. Espero Studio

With a bold, industrial finish, Espero Studio is a statement loft with oodles of character.

Ideally located within walking distance of Shoreditch High Street, this venue has played host to numerous TV interviews, photoshoots and various creative endeavours.

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6. Brunswick Studios

Up to 100 people can bathe in the sunlight that showers into Brunswick Studios. Bold beams prop the roof over this converted hall, where huge wooden doors let in fresh air and warm sunlight.

Original features pepper the building, but it lends itself effortlessly to imaginative decoration, making it ideal for the most special event imaginable: your wedding.

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7. The Old Pipe Factory

Converted factories are always a winner. Their industrial look is always expansive and minimalist, meaning that your event can bounce off the original features without being drowned out by an overly strong aesthetic.

The Old Pipe Factory is the perfect example of this: beautiful original features, an industrial feel, and a space you can assuredly make your own. The tiger-stripe exposed brickwork is just one example of these original features that you can work with and around for your event. The original, vintage, Georgian glass roof is another.

Fashion shows, pop-ups, launches - the Factory is your oyster.


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