24th July 2015

Each year, we get a few precious weeks of blazing sunshine. A day here or there, maybe an entire heatwave, but no matter how cynical we may be, it always arrives. There may be the drizzle, the wind, the clouds; but there's also the sunshine, the waterfights, the Pimm's and the fresh green lawns of Wimbledon.

To embrace the prime of the summer, make sure your venue can celebrate England at its bluest, greenest, and brightest. Here are seven venues that will let you do just that.

1. Roof Gardens

High Street Kensington

With its moorish architecture, you'd be forgiven for thinking this venue was buried somewhere in the depths of the Spanish plains. But, amazingly, almost unbelievably, this is seconds from High Street Ken - tucked away like a secret garden in the centre of the city.

Made up of one and a half acres, overflowing with rich wildlife, it's a haven nestled among one of London's most iconic districts. You can hire it for all sorts of events, including weddings, summer shindigs and corporate parties.

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2. Harris Garden

St. John's Wood

In the heart of the Lord's Cricket Ground is a beautiful rose garden - roomy enough for up to 200 guests - that has been serving sporting legends for nearly a century. It's another unexpected inner-city retreat; a 'tranquil oasis' where you can feel like you've escaped London, while at the same time be in the iconic centre of the cricketing world.

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3. Oval Space

Bethnal Green

Oval Space is probably best known as the all-night party venue, where dawn lights the way to a further day of revelry. But their outside area, a delicate, decorative and flexible space, is making it one of London's most attractive venues for all sorts of outdoor events, big and small.

You'll also have access to 'Behind This Wall', a summer pop-up residency at Oval Space, where oysters abound and treats are cooked over the oaky sizzle of a wood-chip barbecue. It's beautiful, current, and it can be all yours for your event.

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4. BMA House

Euston Square

BMA House is the sort of quintessential London venues so many guests love - especially when they're international. This is beyond opulent - it's like a palace, except for the fact that its doors are open to you and your event, and the deck chairs and cocktails are ready and waiting.

Only in London can you find a venue that lives up to this sort of regal architectural standard while at the same time allowing every sort of event - from weddings to networking events - to make use of their stunning courtyard.

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5. Grain Store

King's Cross

Their cocktails have won awards. Awards. If that isn't reason enough to book this beautiful venue quicker than you can say kumquat mojito, then surely it's prime location, array of fountains, and beautiful interior design will erase any doubt in your mind that this is one of London's top outdoor venues.

Located in the up and coming quarter of King's Cross, the entire venue is designed around original features of the old grain store, leaving much of it untouched, revealing a rustic, industrial feel.

6. Summer Tales

Old Street

The seasonal sister of Shoreditch's mysterious 'Night Tales', this summer incarnation is already this year's hottest festival of food pop-ups and cocktail workshops. An entire village of amazing food concepts and shops, with artificial beaches and tin drum tables, it's as if a section of Glastonbury has been airdropped into central London so that we can all get in on the action.

What's unique about Summer Tales is that they're welcoming in corporate parties, for companies looking to have a brilliant time in their summer event or office party. You should get involved one way or another.

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