14th August 2015

If you want your wedding to be totally unforgettable - if you're open to the idea of a non-church affair, somewhere beautiful and unusual and intricate and unexpected - if you want your wedding to be the type of event your friends will want to emulate and your family will be proud of - then you need to lock down a stunning and unforgettable venue.

Here are five alluring spaces you'll never forget.

1. Paradise by way of Kensal Green

Kensal Green

A long-time favourite of London's celebrity scene - Cara Delevigne and Suki Waterhouse have both partied here - Paradise by way of Kensal Green is a marine haven, themed with Christian iconography and deep blue hues. It's an inspired place for a wedding - a perfectly cosy dining room, a conservatory showered in light, and a larger room for the whole party.

via Sarah Harper Flowers

You can wander through this venue and your intrigue will never be disappointed - intricate details, peeling paint, irresistible warmth. We've fallen in love with it, and you will too.

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2. Nash Conservatory

Kew Gardens

We can't lie to you. The English summer is unpredictable, it's merciless, it's a constant threat. But there's that slim, undeniable chance that your wedding will be showered in sun and heat and your tan will pop in your white wedding dress or your bright white shirt.

At Nash Conservatory, you can take a chance without facing any of the risk - a beautiful glass palace, this venue will guarantee light and give you the best hope of a sunny, summery wedding. It's undeniably beautiful.

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3. The Balcony Room at The Globe

London Bridge

There's something that feels simultaneously tucked away and yet uniquely central about The Balcony Room at The Globe Theatre. That feeling is epitomised in its private balcony, which feels secluded and yet overlooks St. Paul's Cathedral. In a location that has been at the heart of London for hundreds of years, you can feel the energy of a London icon in this truly unique venue.

It's a dreamy place for your vows, above the stage that has seen centuries' worth of Shakespeare's most enduring romances. It's hard not to fall in love with the idea of yours being next.

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4. One Horse Guards



Step onto this balcony, and like the one at The Globe, you'll be on the foot of The Thames. To your back will be an expansive open space - white walls, fresh open windows, wooden floorboards and a space that was built for grand and opulent occasions.

The prime location and the picturesque design combine to form one of the capital's most unforgettable wedding venues. Awash with white, it's a canvas for your to fill with your themes, ideas, friends, and family.


5. Belt Craft Studios

Seven Sisters

This one's a worker-upper - a wild card for an off-beat and quirky wedding. If you're not into the classical stuff and you want something unexpected with a rustic, industrial feel, then Belt Craft Studios is your venue.

Packed with quirky bits and bobs, and structured with sturdy metal columns and scrubbed wooden flooring, this venue is a place that you can take over and embrace with your own vision. Check out the photos.

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