20th May 2015

An inspiring, stimulating meeting room is the very first step towards inspired and stimulating meetings. Unconventional design, surprising features, breathtaking views - these can all combine to make you thinking in different, innovative ways.

Here are five outstanding and inspiring meeting rooms in London, and they're all available to for you to hire through Hire Space.

1.'The Business Playground' at Pullman St. Pancras


King's Cross

You know what every meeting room needs? A handsome French man to explain why it's so brilliant. Check out this video where every incredible detail is explained:


In case you got distracted by the handsome face and seductive accent, this meeting room is in King's Cross, and has all sorts of weird and wonderful features like 'Curiosity Boxes' and Poker Tables.

The soft, buttery leather that blankets the rim of the table is designed to lure you in when you're attending a meeting. In doing so, it draws you in to the conversation, rather than leaning back, which disengages you.

Oh, and that green thing. It's called a 'digital canopy', and it's designed to simulate the experience of being in a forest to stimulate fresh thinking.

This meeting room is more than just a pretty face.

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2. Hoxton Hotel Holborn




When you step into what's known as 'The Apartment', you can imagine Don Draper, whisky in hand, deep in thought, sinking into one of the polished mahogany meeting chairs. It's exactly where Don would have worked had he been in 21st Century London.

That's largely because this is a meeting room with a bar. A fully stocked, beautiful bar.

If you're hitting a brick wall, then you can hit the whiskey and see what comes. But really, the bar encourages dynamic, fresh enthusiasm given its unconventionality.



Smooth, elegant, polished wood combines with bar stools, presentation facilities and impressive boardroom tables.

It's a match made in Holborn.


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3. ScreenWorks


Highbury & Islington

Retro TVs. Gas-valve clothes pegs. Monochrome-strip wallpaper.

ScreenWorks is a collection of four unique and unusual meeting rooms, where minimalist design combines with decorative flair. Their inspired flourishes both distract and stimulate, proposing a whole new idea of what a meeting room is and should do.

If you need innovation in your meeting, a good place to start is having innovation in your meeting room.



The above black and white patterns, at once evoking the natural stripe of a zebra, while simultaneously evoking the artificial by applying it in hexagonal geometric tessellations, is entrancing to look at. A distraction? Maybe. A stimulating environment? Definitely.


And when you walk in and place your coat on the above upcycled valves, you're immediately thinking about familiar objects in new ways. This is what innovative businesses are wanting, and what ScreenWorks is offering.

4. MeWe360


Piccadilly Circus


MeWe360 aren't just a company that runs one of London's most expert meeting rooms. They're a movement:

'We set out to empower creative entrepreneurs to fully realise their ambitions and help turn ideas or existing ventures into sustainable thriving businesses.'

They understand the key role a meeting room can play in the development of a business. Mundane meeting rooms will only encourage mundane ideas. And MeWe360 is anything but mundane.

It's full of sofas, a kitchen, and fresh, natural light. It overlooks 'Golden Square', which is every bit as brilliant as it sounds. And it sparks with the entrepreneurial atmosphere that every business needs.

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5. Impact Hub Kings Cross


King's Cross


It looks like the type of place Winston Churchill ran World War II - a subterranean bunker, a secluded space where you can imagine high-powered people pacing around, brainstorming, making decisions.

And yet, while capturing that energy, this room is entirely glass-fronted, welcoming in vast amounts of light. And, overlooking the bustling main gallery, which means you gain both privacy and the atmosphere of a vibrant, communal environment.


Feel like a leader, think like a collaborator.

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To enquire about one of these meeting rooms, or for the rest of what's out there, get in touch at hirespace.com