20th July 2015

The finishing touches are what will set your event apart from the rest. And it needn't take an event planning agency, or a big budget, to create something totally beautiful. Check out these five ideas for event decorations that you can do yourself and on the cheap.

1. Upside down umbrellas

We told you these ideas were going to be easy. For this one, you don't even have to do anything other than source some beautiful umbrellas and find a way of hanging them.

But, simple though this may be, what umbrellas can do is enclose a more intimate space within a large venue, and offer an effortless way of making a space your own. Even if that's just above a small dining area.

And we know it's bad luck to have open umbrellas indoors. But screw it. They're too beautiful to sacrifice - the event gods will forgive you.

2. Flower posts

Source: Rustic Wedding Chic

These work brilliantly for outdoor events, especially where you need to guide your guests to a certain place or across an open space. Just find a straight stick for a rustic look, or any pole you can find, and tie a band of string round a clear glass bottle. Pop in a few pretty flowers, and you're done.

Or, if the event is indoors, just get creative and find some odd places you can tie the bottles too. It'll look just as beautiful - especially as you'll be bringing the fresh outdoors inside your event.

3. Chair ribbons

Again, this couldn't be easier, and it also offers you the chance to spruce up any furniture that may have seen better years. Just find some ribbon that works with the rest of your event's colour scheme, and simply tie around the tops of your chairs. It's a simple, effective, and beautiful way to transform your event space.

4. Cork name cards


This is a total classic - and if you love wine (and champagne), it's also going to be easy for you to sort out. Do some preparation by drinking a fair few bottles of wine, and stash the corks, rinsing them and leaving them out to dry in order to keep them fresh.

You can then slide in your name cards, offering a homemade but polished look, as well as encouraging your guests to enjoy the drinks.

5. Paper garlands

This one's a little trickier to pull off, but the results can be amazing. Folding these shapes can be fiddly and time consuming (here's a template if you want to go for it!). Alternatively, you could instead find some flower heads, or even just some plastic or paper flowers, and hang those on a string and dangle them at your event.

If you're looking to divide up your space, or provide a backdrop for photos, this is the most beautiful and elegant way to do it.

6. Hanging mugs

Another effortless DIY option - just find some pretty mugs, tie thick, rustic string around the handles, and hang them from somewhere in your venue. It's especially brilliant for Alice in Wonderland themed events, or anything to do with tea parties. But it's also just really pretty, and can sprinkle some character at any event.

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